1. i3wm

    As a Linux sysadmin I have played with nearly every popular window manager under then sun. I was a longtime fan of Gnome 2 first using it with Red Hat, then Ubuntu. I tried KDE 4 when it was first released and liked it but didn't think it was ...

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  2. MySQL, MariaDB and RHEL7

    Some good news for Oracle haters has come out of Red Hat summit in Boston this year. MariaDB will be replacing MySQL as the default in the next version RHEL 7. I for one welcome this change, recently Oracle has been doing some shifty things in the open source MySQL ...

  3. Fixing zsh issue

    I recently ran into an issue where zsh autocompletion wasn't working after upgrading oh-my-zsh.

    Here is the error I was getting:

    upgr_main_complete:82: command not found: _setup 
    _complete:117: command not found: _normal
    _complete:117: command not found: _normal
    _complete:117: command not found: _normal

    The solution was an ...

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